Monday, November 10, 2014

Australian Animal Facts: Southern Cassowary the Endangered Dinosaur Bird of the Australian Rainforest

Southern Cassowary Endangered Dinosaur Bird
of the 
Australian Rainforest

Cassowary -Dinosaur Bird of the Australian Rainforest.
Southern Cassowary the Endangered  only 1500 remain

What is a Cassowary?

The Southern Cassowary is a massive flightless Australian bird that lives a solitary existence in the rainforests of northern Australia

If provoked it will attack with a powerful kick slashing its victim with its fearsome claws. 

Why is it Endangered

There are only 1,500 Cassowaries left in the wild today. This is nearly a 50% drop in population over the last twenty five years. The major causes of its decline are habitat loss, motor vehicle accidents, attacks by dogs, feral pigs and human hand feeding. 


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